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Card 7



The card announces a near success. A success, some honors, a reward. A victory against an opponent or a competitor. The subject became the best in his field. A victory in a championship, or a contest in an election. Generally speaking, victory against adversity.
Against: the subject is going to be defeated by one stronger than him.


The army, aviation, sport, horses. But also all occupations where one is constantly competing.

Love - Relations

Romantic victory, the subject managed to overcome the reluctance of those who oppose his happiness, to overthrow any circumstantial obstacles.
Against: the subject is dominated by her partner or must give way to a competitor.


Powerful dynamism, beating illness or fatigue.
Against: the disease wins the field, or medical defeat.


The card announces a victory to the subject over himself, or the passage to a higher level in an initiatory organization. The subject overcame the darkness of ignorance. The specified path is of knowledge, the study of the sacred texts or meditation, or even traditional martial arts.

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