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Card 22



The card is auspicious, it indicates that the subject will harvest or reap the fruit of his efforts. He reaches the end of a cycle. He has completed a deal, a negotiation or a task. He may take a little rest, a vacation or a sabbatical year. It is advisable he gets some rest before heading back to a new task.


Agriculture, biology and the natural sciences.

Love - Relations

The subject founded or is going to start a family. The card is auspicious on this subject. It indicates a harmonious and fruitful union. If this family is already founded, the card shows that peace and happiness prevail or will reign again in case of a problem. In the event of distance, it indicates the return of a reunion.


The card announces perfect moral and physical health. In case of a problem, it indicates a return to health. It can also announce the arrival of a child.


It is the best card of the game in this area. The subject may achieve peace of mind.

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