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Card 11



Auspicious: the card indicates that the subject has an inexhaustible energy. He is able to make a big effort in his work.
Against: the card indicates that the subject perhaps aimed too high and will struggle to achieve his goal. He is at a dangerous point. He'll have to be careful.


Business manager, engineer, chemist and metallurgist.

Love - Relations

The subject has great sexual power and is afraid of mediocrity. But he can also turn his impulses into spiritual energy. It can access both a mystical union that is intense and physical, but emotional life will always be out of the ordinary.
Against: the partner will be too challenging or demanding. The subject will hesitate between rupture, leakage or self-transcendence.


The energy of the subject is extreme. It happens that he sometimes uses it to excess. He must learn to channel its energy. There is risk of high blood pressure.


The specified path is a path of energy as renewable, traditional martial arts yoga, the yoga of breath. The subject is already very advanced in the Way. But it is at the crossroads. To go further or to take a step back, it's his choice.

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