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Card 16



The card announces the collapse of a financial and material situation or even the collapse of a dream. Bankruptcy without recourse, missed work, hopes that collapse. It can indicate a disaster that might hit the subject goods: a crack in the basement of his house or his company's buildings, an earthquake, fire or even sabotage. The card is a warning: If there is still time, the subject must take every possible precaution (insurance, etc.). In other cases, it's the front of opposing something that collapses and appears as it is in the eyes of the subject.


Geology and meteorology.


It is the collapse of a hope or a life built by two people. The subject becomes aware that behind the appearances of his partners is another personality. The façade will crack and he appears as he really is: empty and soulless.


The person concerned is a victim of a violent and sudden discomfort (ex: a heart attack). The card may also foreshadow a risk of assault or accident.


This card can indicate enlightenment: the world of appearances will tear, making it appear to the eyes of the subject as the ultimate reality. It can also indicate a fall, the result of pride.

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