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Card 1



The card announces a start, a beginning or an apprenticeship. The subject is in the process of beginning studies or retraining (foreign language, computer science)
Auspicious: the card invites or approves this learning.
Against: there will be an obstacle to an apprenticeship or the card indicates that the subject lacks sufficient knowledge.


Teaching, writing, language studies, divination.

Love - Relations

The card indicates the beginning of love or a new relationship. The relationship is not yet well established. In some cases, it may indicate a master-student relationship in one’s love life.


The card indicates a second wind or the beginning of wisdom relative to the body of the subject or the person concerned, learning a lifestyle. In case of illness, the beginning of therapy.


The card indicates initiation into the study of sacred texts, perhaps accompanied by the study of an ancient language (Sanskrit, Hebrew, Chinese, Egyptian hieroglyphs). In any case, it announces the beginning of wisdom.
Against: The subject may be refused a request for entry into an initiatory society.

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