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Card 14



The card is auspicious. It announces a great balance; material or intellectual wealth; a fair and balanced way to work or create. The subject has his feet on earth and knows how to use his imagination. He is diplomatic and knows how to use his gifts of communication and charm to succeed. Perhaps there is a slight readjustment required. But things are going well.


Architecture, arts, music and justice.

Love - Relations

The subject is flexible and easygoing. He has a sense of balance and moderation. Relationships with others are courteous and easy. He is rarely alone. His union is balanced and smooth. Only a slight possible modification is within the couple is called for. The card can also indicate a search for balance.
Against: imbalance.


The card is a very good sign. It shows a good balance between energies that circulate smoothly. The subject eats with intelligence, his diet is balanced. He is also careful to maintain this balance.


The specified path is not a path of asceticism, but the right middle. The subject is not far from finding peace.

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