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Chinese Tarot: Interpretation of the 22 cards

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Chinese Tarot: The 22 Major Arcana Cards
Major Arcana Chinese Tarot Cards Meaning

Card 3



The card announces the effective start-up of a business, but also happy transactions, good business performance, fruitful exchange, and travel.
Against: stagnation.


Communication, public relations, trade, business, dance, animation, agriculture.


Meetings, exchanges, the subject is looking for a soul mate through social networks, the internet, agencies, ads, and club meetings. He should move to join his partner. In case of an existing union, the relationship is excellent, their exchanges are good, they communicate.
Against: difficult to communicate.


The card announces the restoration of energy and good circulation.
Against: vital exchange problems, poor circulation of blood or energy.


Recommended methods are sacred dances, the Taiji Quan, the music. The card shows that the subject is on the right track.

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