The meaning of the 22 Major Arcana

Chinese Tarot: Interpretation of the 22 cards

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Chinese Tarot: The 22 Major Arcana Cards
Major Arcana Chinese Tarot Cards Meaning

Card 5



A great idea can allow the subject to transform a business and grow, to make a scientific discovery or to undertake the creation of a work. This card helps inventors, creators, or artists.
Against: the work or the matter is trivial, dull, or lifeless. It must be given a new impetus.


Architecture, priesthood, electricity, nuclear power, lighting technology.


Great happiness, romantic enlightenment, the discovery of another, a mystical union, or seventh heaven. It appears to be and encounter with a being of light. The subject will be at the same level at the other, or else will the union be platonic.


Regeneration. This card is a good sign. The topic shines. It emerges from a powerful magnetism, an extraordinary aura.


It is enlightenment or sudden awareness. The specified path leads to enlightenment. Initiations, meditations, retirement, awakening of the kundalini.

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