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Card 21



The card shows that the subject is as smart as a monkey. He is brave, curious about everything, persistent, inventive, insightful, or even great, just like the hero of this story. Certainly, he is a little “did you see me” and likely to annoy his interlocutors. Whatever he is, the card announces that the subject will overcome all the obstacles, of which there will be many, and reach the goal he set for himself.


Everything is open about who's good at everything. However, trade in relation to travel is particularly evident. Explorer, guide, reporter, mountaineer, acrobat and high-level sportsman.

Love - Relations

The subject or person concerned will know to put himself at the service of his partner while keeping his independence. He will also get his way and get what he wants from the object of his thoughts. He will be able to circumnavigate the planet. Under his slightly unbearable appearance hides a heart of gold. The card can also indicate a long journey before he reaches his desired union.


The card announces great vitality and uncommon strength. The subject has all the potential to become an accomplished sportsman. In case of a problem, the card announces an extraordinary recovery.


The subject is predestined for enlightenment, but his pride will cause a few crashes throughout his path. Pilgrimages, martial arts, alchemy, magic, or study of sacred texts are all possibilities. He will reach enlightenment on several occasions. The meetings he will attend on a trip abroad will be decisive.

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