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Card 20



The subject is one with his work. He identifies himself with his business or work. But he lacks meaning. He tends to 'hover' and disconnect from reality. As he accesses the summit of success, his knowledge or his art, he forgets that nobody can follow him and is likely to be left all alone. His staff or his bosses no longer understand, his work is no more accessible to the common man. The card indicates the subject must make an effort to become humble again.


Aerospace, aviation, aerodynamics, trades of the circus and acrobatics.

Love - Relations

The subject or the person concerned aspires to achieve a fusional union with his partner. His excess idealism may play tricks on him. It can upset his partner. Such a union is only possible between two beings that traveled the same way or with the same ideal. But this card is not very favorable for ordinary life, even if the partner is. The couple thus formed may neglect reality and find themselves in trouble. Furthermore, balance is very difficult to maintain, one of the partners is likely to leave feathers. The card warns against the dangers of such a union, although it can announce an ecstasy, but this ecstasy is likely to be short-lived and the fall can be hard.


The subject easily puts his life in danger because he is not concerned with his health. He plays with fire. The card can also announce an accident aircraft or transport, or risks in foreign countries.


The card may indicate a great initiate with highs and being entered in Samadhi, this total fusion of the meditating with the object of his meditation, God or the Absolute. However, the subject is not yet installed in the stability of ultimate wisdom.

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