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Card 15



The card announces a major crisis that threatens the financial and material life of the subject. This may be the bankruptcy of his business or the loss of his job. However, it can be saved by someone powerful. This person can do so that there is new credit, or that his case be bought cheaply, or even obtain substantial compensation in case of dismissal. In addition, the card can make a claim on his home or his business premises: fire, lightning, water damage, or even a burglary with breaking and entering.


Meteorologist, fireman, artificer and military.

Love - Relations

The card announces a tumultuous and violent passion or a crisis within the couple. The crisis is so strong that one of the two partners will seek assistance from a third party. Let the storm pass and wait it out.


The subject receives a strong alert that should force him to be examined and to take care of his body. The storm, however, is not deadly. There is more fear than harm from treatment.


The card determines a crisis on the path of initiation for the subject. It probably awakened latent forces in him and he feels overwhelmed by events. He has to seek advice from a qualified person.

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