Pinyin: Lesson Three

Pinyin: Lesson Three
Initials 1

Chinese Phonetic Alphabet
 Hnyǔ Pīnyīn Fāng'n.

Pinyin Lesson Three

Initials 1

Initials 1:
b p m f

        b     p      m     f
a     bā   p   mǎ   f
o     bō   p   mǒ   f
e     ---   ----     me   ---
i      bī    p     mǐ    ---
u    bū   p    mǔ   f
    ---    ----    ----     ---

An initials is the first consonant of a syllable.

Each initial represent one sound.

Some initials are represented by two-letters, e.g., zh ch and sh.

Most sounds are similar to English sounds, but not exactly identical. For example, the sound b in Chinese is not voiced. It is a voiceless sound as p in English word speak. The sound p is an aspirated voiceless sound as p in English word peak.

Please pay close attention to each sound when you learn. The following sounds need more attention:

 j    a consonant, as 'j' in jeep but not aspirated
q    a consonant, as 'ch' in cheek
x    a consonant, as 'sh' in she
zh  a consonant, as 'j' in jump with retroflexed tongue
ch  a consomant, as 'ch' in church, strongly aspirated and retroflexed
sh  a consonant, as 'sh' in shore, retroflexed
z    a consonant, as 'ts' but not aspirated
c    a consonant, as 'ts' in bats, strongly aspirated