Pinyin: Lesson Two

Pinyin: Lesson Two
Simple Finals

Chinese Phonetic Alphabet
 Hnyǔ Pīnyīn Fāng'n.

Pinyin Lesson Two

Simple Finals

The simple finals :
a o e i u and .
  i u
a ia ua  
o   uo  
e ie   e
ai   uai  
ei   uei  
ao ia    
ou iou    
an ian uan an
en in uen n
ang iang uang  
eng ing ueng  
ong iong    

Finals are all sounds after initials.

Some finals are single vowel, e.g., a o e i u and .

Some finals are compounds, e.g., ai ei ao and ou.

Some finals end with n or ng, e.g., in en ang and iong.

The pronunciation of vowels is similar to English or some European languages. But the vowel e needs special attention. It is pronounced as 'ir' in shirt, or 'ur' in 'turn' without r sound, not English 'e' [i:]

You don't have to learn these individual sounds now.

Listen to recording or your instructor carefully and pay close attention to these sounds.

Sounds are best learned in a connected speech.