Kau Cim Free Chinese Fortune Telling Kau Chim Chi-Chi Sticks

Kau Cim or Chi Chi Sticks also Chinese Free Fortune Sticks

Kau Cim Fortune Telling
Chinese daily fortune teller
签筒 Chien Tung (Qiāntǒng)
Chien Tung Sticks
One of the oldest known method of fortune telling in the world

1. First make your WISH.

2. Then click on the image below to shake the box.

3. Your bamboo stick will get out on the next page.

Fortune Sticks

What is Kaucim or Kau Chim Chi Chi Sticks?

Kau Cim is a Chinese fortune telling practice of requesting answers from the sacred oracle lot. It is a practice that originated in China and known as Oracle of Guan Yin in Buddhist traditions. It is based on the Book of Changes (I Ching, Yijing). In the USA, a version has been sold since 1915 under the name Chi Chi Sticks.

What is Kaucim bucket or 签筒 Chien Tung (Qiāntǒng)?

Kau Cim Bucket is a small bamboo handheld cylinder bucket. Kau Cim Sticks are a number of flat sticks stored in the bucket. Numbers in Chinese characters are inscribed on the stick. They resemble a wide and modified version of incense sticks.
The signature tube 签筒 Chien Tung, pronounced qiān tǒng, is a Chinese word that refers to a tube containing a sign for divination or gambling, a bamboo tube used to hold divination or gambling sticks.

Which is the Kaucim fortune telling method used here?

This method of fortune telling involves shaking a box full of bamboo sticks numbered 1 to 78 in such a manner that just one number would mysteriously jump out of the box. This number would then be your fortune and an interpreter would read it to you from his book. Here the computer reads it for you.

How to consult Kaucim?

Before you shake the box, you must think of a "Wish", and at the end of your fortune you will find out if the wish comes true or not. Your fortune readings begin with "Your luck for today."

If the number is shaken out after sundown, the fortune refers to the following day.

You will also receive "Your fortune" and "Important events" that will occur.

Kaucim Sticks
Kaucim Sticks

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