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Ma-ch'iau, Ma ch'ueh,  Ma cheuck, Ma chiang, Ma jong, Ma-jung, Maajh, Mah-jong, Majong, Majan Majiang, Mjing, Mah-jongg, Mahjongg, Mahjuck, Man-chu, Pung chow, Sparrow )

Allen, Frederick Lewis, Only yesterday; an informal history of the nineteen-twenties,
New York, Harper, 1957, 370 p. 22 cm.
Code: E784.A6 1957

Amano, Daizo, Richi majan shirizu.
Orien Japan [1968] v. illus. (part col.) 19 cm.

Babcock,Joseph P. Bubcock's rules for mahjongg the red book of rules
Mahjong company of China (Shanghai, 1920

Babcock, Joseph Park, Babcock's rules for mah-jongg; the red book of rules,
San Franciso, Calif., Mah-jongg sales company of America; [1923] 2 p. l., 111-vii, 117 p. illus. 16 cm. Code: Microfilm 33624 GV

Babcock, Joseph Park, The laws of mah-jongg ...
Salem, Mass., New York [etc.] Parker brothers, inc. [c1925] 1 p.l., 48 p. port. 18 cm.

Beck, Eileen, Mahjong do's and don'ts
London, Muthuen, 1923

Bell, R. C. (Robert Charles), Discovering mah-jong.
Aylesbury : Shire Publications, 1976. 48 p. : ill. ; 18 cm.

Bell, R. C. (Robert Charles), Mah jong / 2nd ed.
Aylesbury : Shire Publications, 1978. 48 p. : ill. ; 18 cm. Bernhardi, A., Vier Konige : Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Spiele.
Berlin : Dietrich Reimer, 1936. p. 149-180 : ill. ; 34 cm.
Code: GV1233.B435 1936

Bobby, Manire de compter au Mahjong et rgles de jeu
Librairie Plon, 1924

Boulon, F. George, Standard rules and instructions for the Chinese game of ma chiang (sparrow) with notes on the American and one suit games,
New York, A. J. Brandt sons, c1924. 32 p. illus. 19 cm.

Bray, Jean, How to play mah jong, 2d ed. (Revised and much Enlarged Edition)
New York & London, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1923. x, 162 p. illus. 18 cm.

Bray, Jean, How to play mah jong,
New York & London, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1923. ix, 112 p. illus. 18 cm.

Brown, Garleton, A comprehensive guide to mahjong international game
Monreal, 1924

Campbell, Winifred W., comp., Mah jongg scoring combinations and conventions,
Forsyth, Mont., Times-journal printing co., 1924. 4 p. 18 cm.

Cecil, Viola L, Maajh, the American version of an ancient Chinese game,
New York, Printed by Hallco, inc., c1938. 53 p., 1 l. illus. 19 cm.

Chad Valley Co. Mahjong sometimes called Spalow Chad Valley Co.
London, 1923

Chad Valley Co. Mahjong sometimes called Spalow (Enlarged)
London, Chad Valley Co., 1924

Chad Valley Co. The standard rules of mahjong and How to play it
London, Chad Valley Co., London, 1927

Chad Valley Co., Mahjong The 1000 years old game of China
london, Chad Valley Co., 192?
Chad Valley Co., Le Mahjong, Kirby Beard
Paris, 192?

Ch'ang-sheng, K'ai t'ai.
[1978?] 96 p. (p. 96 advertisement) ; 19 cm.

Chiang, Lee, Mahjong and how to play it,
London, Thomas de la Rue, 1923

China Arts Trading, How to play Mahjong,
Shanghai, The China Arts Trading Co., 192?

China Textile Co.,  Directions for playing Mah-cheuk,
Shanghai,  China Textile Co., 192?

Chook, Yau Hin, The directions for playing Mah-cheuk
Hongkong, Chook Yau Hin, 192?

Chu Chia-Chien, Le jeu de mah-jong tel qu'il est joue par les Chinois (Preface de Lucien Corpechot).
Paris, Editeurs associes, 1924. 142 p., 1 l. 17 x 13 cm.

Chue, John Alfred, The mastering of mah jongg.
Hongkong, Yew Kee, printers, c1925. 2 p.l., iv, 58 p. illus. 20 cm.

Cordier, M., Mah jong als gezelschapsspel.
Gravenhage : Langerveld, [1964] 40 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.

Culin, Stewart, Chinese games with dice and domonos, Annual report of U.S. National Museum, 1893

Culin, Stewart, Korean games with notes on the corresponding games of China and Japan University of Pensylvania,
Philadelphia, 1895

Culin, Stewart, The games of ma-jong, its origin and significane,
Brooklin Museum Quaterly, 1924

De la Rue Co., The pocket guide to mahjong
De la Rue Co., 1924

Deshler Purchasing Agency, Rules for the chinese game of majong for use with D & G Majong Cards,
Shanghai, Deshler Purchasing Agency 1923

Douglass, Silas J., Instruction, suggestion and rules for playing the Chinese game...
Pasadena, Calif., c1923. 16 p. 16 cm.

Doyen, Claude Fay, Rules for playing mah-jongg (the sparrow) and suggestions for play,
Washington, D.C., Beresford linotype co., c1922. 16 p. plates. 20 cm.

Dwiggins, Elmer, White dragons wild, and how to win at ma jong; an advanced study of the world's most wonderful games as adapted to American playing,
Los Angeles, Phillips printing co., c1924. 61 p., 1 l. illus. (port.) 18 cm.

En bai xin, Instruction and suggestions for playing of Mah-jong
Shanghai, En bai xin, 192?

Etienne, Mah-jong and How to play it,
London, Methuen, 1923

Foster, Robert Frederick, Foster's famous rules for Man-chu,
Cincinnati, The U.S.Playing Card Vo., 1923

Foster, Robert Frederick, Foster on mah jong,
New York, Dodd, Mead and company, 1924. ix, 262 p. illus. 19 cm.

Foster, Robert Frederick, The laws of mah jong (pung chow, etc.) for 1924, as proposed for the American game,
New York, N.Y., Vanity fair [c1923] 45 p. 15 cm.

Foster, Robert Frederick, Twenty-point mah jong, with the American standard code of laws for all forms of the game,
New York, Dodd, Mead and company, 1924. xi, 157 p. illus. 19 cm.

Fulton Specialty Co., Ma jong,
Elizabeth, N.J., Fulton Specialty Co., 192-

Gelman, Joan, How to set up for a mah-jongg game and other lost arts
New York : Simon and Schuster, c1987. 112 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.
Code: HQ1221.G36 1987

Gelbman, Alain, Mah jong: One step at a time.
Ishi Press, 1991. 50 p. : ill.

Gerstle, Ralph J. F., The green book of rules and regulations for ma-jong, 3d ed.
Chicago, Ma-jong Club of Chicago inc., c1923. 55, [1] p. incl. illus., pl. 23 cm.

Gibson & Sons, East wind Mah-jong
London, Gibson & Sons, 1923

Glass, Thomas G., Mah jongg 2000 / 1st ed.
San Antonio, Tex. : Glass Pub. Co., 1992. vii, 300 p., [8] p. of plates : ill. ; 26 cm.

Green Dragon,  (1924). 25 Mah Jongg Limit Hands and a few hints. By 'the Green Dragon.'.
London, Hatchards, 1924

Greene, Susan, The Mah Jongg group / 1st ed.
Port Washington, N.Y. : Ashley Books, [1975] c1974. 195 p. ; 21 cm.
Code: PZ4.G81317 Mah3

Hamley Bros., Directions for Mah-jong
London, Hamley Bros., 192-

Hammer, Marcia, Learn to play mah jongg : from beginner to winner.
New York : D. McKay Co., c1979. xii, 143 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.

Hartman, Lee Foster, Standardized Mah-jong,
New York and London, Harper & Brothers, 1924

Harr, Lew Lysle, How to play pung chow, Rev. and enl. ed.
New York and London, Harper & Brothers [c1923] 128 p. illus. 20 cm.

Harr, Lew Lysle, Pung chow in ten minutes (without a teacher)
New York city, Shanghai, Pung chow company, inc., c1923. [27] p. illus. (part col.) 17 cm.

Harr, Lew Lysle, Pung chow, the game of a hundred intelligences; also knows as mah-diao, mah-jougg, mah-cheuk, mah-juck and pe-ling.
New York, The author [c1922] 2 p.l., 7-78 p. illus. 20 cm.

Harr, Lew Lysle, Pung-chow, the game of hundred intelligences ...
Worcester, Mass., Pung-chow company [c1922] [17] p. col. illus. 16 x 12 cm.

Hartman, Lee Foster, Standardized mah jong; a manual of tactics for mixed hands, cleared hands, one-double game,
New York and London, Harper & brothers, 1924. xvii, 311 p. illus. (part col.) 19 cm.

Headley, Gwyn, Mah-jong.
Wakefield : EP Publishing ; New York : distributed by Sterling Pub. Co., 1978. 36 p. : ill. ; 14 x 21 cm.

Higginson, C. M. W., Mah jong how to play and score,
London, J Jaques & son, 1923

Hillson Co, Rules for playing Hillsons's chinese game known in China as Mah-chiang,
Boston, Hillson Co., 192-

Hillson Co, Rules for playing Hillsons's chinese game known in China as Mah-chiang, Revised edition,
Boston, Hillson Co., 192-

International ma chiang players' association, The laws of ma chiang,
New York city, 1924. [54] p. 15 cm.

Irwin, Florence, The complete mah jong player,
New York, Brentano's [c1924] xii, 206 p. illus., diagr. 20 cm.

Israel, Arthur Julius, How to play mah-jong (sparrow).
New York, Oriental export company, c1922. 20 p. illus. 23 cm.

Israel, Arthur Julius, How to play mah-jong...
New York, Oriental export company, c1923. 24 p. illus. 23 cm.

Jackpot, Rules and guide to the game of Mah jong,
London, H. P. G. A. & S., 192-

J. L. R., Rgle du jeu de Mah jong ou jeu des dragons,
Paris, 192-

Kan, Andrew, Mah jong; a complete description of the game with authorative[]]
Detroit, Shanghai trading co. [c1924] 47 p. illus. 21 cm.

Kan, Andrew, Mah jong; a complete description of the game with authorative,
Detroit, Shanghai Trading co. [c1924] 47 p. illus. 21 cm.

Kanai, Shozo, Mah jong for beginners; based on the rules and regulations of the Mah Jong Association of Japan,
Rev. [i.e. 2d] ed. Tokyo, Rutland, Vt., C. E. Tuttle [1958] 64 p. illus. 19 cm

Kawasaki, Yoshihiro, Majan sen'ya ichiya.
1953, 206 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.

Kratzmann, Oskar, Spieelregeln fur Mah-jong,
Wien (Vienne), Piatnik, 192-

Krick, Leonard B., The blue book of mah-jong, the royal game,
Chicago, Beatty brothers, c1924 [36] p. illus., diagr. 20 cm.

Kwng Hing Loong, The diretions for Mar-chuk,
Hong Kong, KWNG Hing Loong, 192-

Lane, Thomas, Modern mah jong, Rev. ed.
Chicago, New York [etc.] Rand McNally company, 1938. 64 p. illus. 21 cm.

Leekun, Y. G., How to play Mah-jong,
Victiria, Canada, Y. G. Leekun, 192-

Li, David H., The happy game of mah-jong.
Bethesda, MD : Premier Pub., c1994. 136 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

Li, Tze-chung, Mah jong : the rules for playing the Chinese game.
Oak Park, Ill. : Chinese Culture Service, c1981. v, 68 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

Lim, Willie, Mahjong made easy : standard Chinese rules simplified / 1st ed.
Smithtown, N.Y. : Exposition Press, c1982. ix, 30 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.

Lim, Yang-Chow, The original rules of the ancient Chinese game,
Seattle, Y.C. Lim, c1923. 3 p.l., 9-50 p. front., illus. 23 cm.

Lindsell, R. E., Ma-Cheuk or Mah-Jongg. The game of "Sparrow," and how to play it.
Hongkong, Kelly & Walsh, 1922

Ma-ch'ueh-wang, Fang ch'eng pi sheng chi ch'iao.
[1975] printing. 3, 85 p. ; 19 cm.

Ma-ch'ueh-wang, Ma ch'ueh pi ying.
[1978?] 3, 85 p. ; 19 cm.

Mah-jongg league, limited, London, The official standardised rules of the Mah-jongg league limited ...
London, Heath, Cranton, limited [1924] 52 p. incl. front., illus. 17 cm.

Marin, Juan, Mesa de mah-jong : una cronica de China.
Buenos Aires : Emece Editores, c1948. 363 p., 8 leaves of plates : ill. ; 20 cm.
Code: DS721.M369

Meyerson, Dorothy Sklarew, "That's it," the authentic system of playing Chinese tiles,
Forest Hills, N.Y., 1945. v. illus. 13 x 17 cm.

Millington, A. D., The complete book of Mah-Jongg.
London : A. Barker, c1977. 200 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

Miyazaki, Toshimasa, Majan.
[1949] printing. 184 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.

Morgan, Casey Bruce, Ma jong scoring made easy, and notes on playing; the scoring table analysed and discussed, thereby permanently fixing it in the player's memory,
New York, Brentano's [c1924] 41 p. 19 cm.

Morris and Warn, Mah jong.
[n.p.] c1923. ms. 5 p. obl. cm.

Code: M1048 .M85

Morris, William C., The game of mahjuck; Chinese dominos
Los Angeles, Morris & Lelevier, c1922. 40 p. 16 cm.

Naftaly, Philip, How to play mah jong ...
San Francisco, Bowles-Broad printing works, c1922. 8, [1] p. illus. 17 cm.

Naftaly, Philip, Rules & directions for the Chinese game of "ma cheuck" (sparrows), also known as "ma jong", "mah diao", "pung-chow", "le-ping', and other translations of the different Chinese dialects.
San Francisco, Bowles-Broad printing works, c1923. 23, [1] p. illus. 18 cm.

Nanyang brothers, inc., New York, Rules for playing mah jong.
New York, Nanyang brothers, inc. [c1923] [15] p. illus. 16 cm.

Nevin, Robert W., Complete instructions for mah jong,
New York city, N.Y., The Hollis press, inc., c1924. [11] p. illus. 18 cm.

Pai, Chung-fa, Ma chiang chan shu yun yung mi chueh.
[1980?] 5, 146 p. ; 19 cm.

Pai, Chung-fa, Shih liu p'ai ma ch'ueh pi sheng chan fa.
[1978] 10, 219 p. : ill. ; 20 cm.

Robertson, Marian, Mah john score book, with rules and definitions.
New York, N.Y., Wilmerding & Wilmerding [c1924] [124] p. 20 cm.

Rosenblatt, Martin Stern, Majong (the game of sparrow)
San Francisco, S. & G. Gump co. [c1922] 12 p. illus. 14 x 11 cm.

Sang, Ly Yu, Sparrow: the Chinese game called ma-ch'iau; a descriptive and explanatory story,
New York, N.Y., The Long Sang Ti Chinese curios co., inc. [c1923] xiii, 128 p. col. front., illus. 20 cm.

Sang, M. Ho, Mah jongg, the ancient game of China.
New York, Long Sang Ti Chinese curious co., inc. [c1922] 34 p., 1 l. 21 cm.

Scott, Vern E., Official rules for pe-ling as played with cards,
San Francisco, The Greeley corporation, c1923. 16 p. plates. 9 cm.

Scott, Vern E., Official rules for pe-ling,
San Francisco, The Greeley corporation, c1923. 15 p. illus. 17 cm.

Shiu, Priscilla, The mystic mah-jongg game [1st ed].
New York, Exposition Press [1973] 64 p. illus. 22 cm.

Snyder, Henry M., The ma-jung manual,
Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin company, 1923. x, [1], 130, [1] p. front., illus., plates. 20 cm.

Snyder, Henry M., The ma-jung manual, Rev. ed.
Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin company, 1924. xiii, [1], 209, [1] p. front., illus., plates. 20 cm.

Strauser, Kitty, Mah jong, anyone? A manual of modern play, [1st ed].
Rutland, Vt., C. E. Tuttle Co. [1964] 59 p. illus. (part col.) 19 cm.

Sterling, Harold, Standard rules and instructions for the Chinese game of mah chang (sparrow) 3d ed.
Albany, N.Y., Oriental arts co., printers, c1923. 2 p.l., 21 p. illus. 21 cm.

Tow, Julius Su, The outline of mah jong; how to play and how to win, the real Chinese methods,
New York, Printed by The Pacific printing co., inc., c1924. 64 p. illus. 16 cm.

Trenhaile, John, The mah-jongg spies
New York : Dutton, c1986. xiii, 434 p. ; 24 cm.
Code: PR6070.R367M34 1986

Trenhaile, John, The gates of exquisite view
New York : Dutton, 1988. viii, 374 p. ; 25 cm. Code: PR6070.R367G3 1988
Note: Sequel to The mah-jongg spies.

Thompson, Patricia A., The game of mah jong, illustrated. .
Ishi Press, 1990. 64 p. : ill. ; 18 x 24 cm.

Thompson, Patricia A., Improve your mah jong.
Ishi Press. 63 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.

Unknown, Chinese sparrow game,
Boston, Mass., Chinese mah jongg company [1923] 2 p. l., 12 p. illus. 15 cm.

Walters, Derek, The fortune teller's mah jongg : the ancient game as a modern oracle ,
New York, N.Y. : Viking Studio Books, 1994. 103, [1] p. : ill. ; 18 cm. + 144 cards (col. : 9 x 5 cm.)
Code: BF1891.M33 W34 1994

Walters, Derek, Fortune-telling by mah jongg : a practical guide to divination using the ancient Chinese game of mah jongg ,
Wellingborough, Northamptonshire : Aquarian Press ; New York, N.Y. : Distributed by Sterling Pub. Co., 1987, c1982. 192 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Code: BF1891.M33 W35 1987

Wang, Su-hsin, Tu kuo ch'un ch'iu.
Orien China [1972] 3, 220 p. 19 cm.
Code: HV6710 .W36

Warren, Emily Stanley, "Mrs. Prescott Warren," The game of ma chiang,
New York, Y. Crowell company, c1924. x, 402 p. incl. front., illus. 21 cm.

Wei, Wing Lock, The theory of mah jong, its principles, psychology, tactics, strategies, and fine points, including the complete Chinese rules of play,
Boston, Small, Maynard & company [c1925] viii, 76 p. illus. 20 cm.

Whitney, Eleanor Noss, A mah jong handbook; how to play, score, and win the modern game [1st ed].,
Rutland, Vt., C. E. Tuttle Co. [1964] 176 p. illus. 22 cm.

Wilcox, Constance Grenelle, Mah-jongg; the play of one hundred intelligences, in a prologue and one act, Boston, C. C. Birchard & company [c1923] 75, [1] p. plates. 21 cm.
Code: PS3545.I325 M3 1923

Winters, Edgar S., Ma cheuk (also called "mah jong", "pung chow" and "ma jung")
New York, E. P. Dutton & company [c1923] 161 p. incl. front., illus. 20 cm.

Work, Milton Cooper, Mah-jongg ... up-to-date,
Philadelphia, Chicago [etc.] The John C. Winston company [c1924] 177 p. front. (5 port.) illus. 19 cm.

Wu, Ch'ung, An advanced system for playing mah jong.
Philadelphia, Dorrance [1973] xi, 201 p. illus. 22 cm.

Wu, Ch'ung, Ma ch'ueh kai lun.
Orien China [1965] 9, 60 p. illus. 21 cm.


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The Book of Mah jong

by Amy Lo


The Book of Mah jong:
An Illustrated Guide

Buy it! >

Originally played with cards, and then pieces carved from ivory or bamboo, the Chinese game of Mahjong is well over a thousand years old. Said to have originated in the court of the Emperor of Wu, for centuries Mahjong remained a diversion exclusively for the royal class of China.

For the Chinese, as well as for other Asians, Mahjong is a way of life. Played at home, in private clubs - even at wedding banquets and birthdays ? Mahjong is an integral part of their social activity. It provides not only an occasion to entertain friends, but also to celebrate or even to cultivate business clients.

Mahjong has been called "the game of a hundred intelligences". When played by experts it can be fast and subtle ? even difficult to follow.

The Book of Mahjong uses clear, accessible language and over 150 full color illustrations to introduce players to the fascinating play and captivating traditions of the game. It also includes detailed explanations of the games Cantonese, Shanghainese and Taiwanese variations, and a guide to game protocol.

Author Amy Lo bas created a resource that is easy to use and easy to learn from and that will help both beginners and regular players improve their play.
Source: Front flap

Mah-Jongg : Basic Rules & Strategies
by Dieter Kohnen
Basic Rules and Strateies

Buy it! 

THE "BIRD OF 100 INTELLIGENCES" that's what mah-jongg means in Chinese. And if you want to find out why so many millions of people have become enchanted by the game for so many thousands of years, this colourful guide is the next best thing to having the mythical creature perched on your shoulder telling you its secrets. It's a quick game to learn fast-paced to play. You get:

- an introduction to the tiles amid sticks, including the Circles (or dots) Characters (or cracks) Winds and Honours

- all the basic moves explained and shown in detail

- practice games that take you step-by-step though the opening moves; the middle strategies, combinations, and sequences; and the endgame

- special tips and shortcuts on how to assemble your tiles into winning complete sets, with moves that would take years to learn by trial and error

- 24 different variations and versions with colourful names like the Twins of heaven, the Twins of Hell, the Green Hand, the Nine Lanterns, the Dragon and three Japanese-style games!

Source: Back cover

The Game of Mah Jong Illustrated
by Patricia A. Thompson, Betty Maloney (Illustrator)

The Game of Mah Jong

Buy it! 


Mah Jong is a game for four players (although two, three or five may play) played at a table with a set of 144 tiles,

During the game the players hold 13 tiles. They play as individuals, not as partners. In turn each player draws one file at a time from a stack - known as the wall - or picks up a discard temporarily holding 14 tiles, then puts out one tile.

The objective of the game is to be the first player to obtain either a complete set of four defined groups of three of four tiles and one pair, or certain special hands.

The first player to achieve this structure, which need not bring the highest score, wins the hand.

Because of the absence of partnerships many find the game more attractive than some card games. It leads to less controversy. The tiles are a joy to behold as well as to handle and play becomes more interesting as the nature of the hand changes with each exchange of tiles.

The game still includes many interesting features of the old Chinese game but has been adapted to meet the demands of other countries. A core of enthusiastic American players has introduced limit hands with their own variations.

A problem exists with the interpretation of the rules, which may vary from one expert to another, for Clubs and groups a definite set of rules should be established at the start. The advanced player should refer to the specialized books listed in the Bibliography.

The intention of this book is to describe the play, clarify the scoring and give some alternative versions for Mah Jong , so that players may select the game that gives them most pleasure.

by Gamesource, Ltd.
From Toyologists &

Editorial Review

This handsome game set, which comes in a suitcase-like carrier (complete with keys), is an ideal way to get into the ancient Chinese game of mah jongg. Played with 152 domino-like tiles (about 1.1 by 0.9 by 0.5 inches in this set), Mahjong proceeds on the throw of two dice but is no mere game of chance. The tiles consist of three "suits" (bamboos, characters and circles), two types of honors (winds and dragons), and "jokers" (flowers and seasons). The game's objective is to acquire tiles from an initial wall of face-down tiles and form them into one of several predetermined hands. Like any great game, there's a lot to learn before you can really get started, but the reward is years of playing pleasure that deepens with experience. Full instructions are included. Expert players don't turn tiles over to look at them--they just lift them far enough to rub the underside with the pad of their thumb, identifying the tile by its unique pattern of roughness. Being fluent in Mandarin is nice too, though it won't help you win. --Richard Farr 

Mahjong: More Books, Tiles, Software

Updated 27 octobre 2015