Divination Slip of the Guan Yin Oracle

There are three celebrations annually dedicated to Guan Yin among the Chinese Buddhists:

The Bodhisattva's Birthday: 19th of the second lunar month. (Thursday, March 29, 2024)

The Bodhisattva's Enlightenment Day: 19th of the sixth lunar month. (Thursday, July 25, 2024)

The Bodhisattva's Leaving Home Day: 19th of the ninth lunar month. (Tuesday, November 19, 2024)

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Guan Yin Oracle Fortune Telling

A sample of the Divination Slip Number 1
and the informations we usually see on a Divination Slip

The "Number".

This method of fortune telling involves shaking a box full of bamboo sticks numbered 1 to 100 in such a manner that just one number would mysteriously jump out of the box. This number would then be your fortune and an interpreter would read it to you from his book. Here the computer shakes the box for you, and presents the text of your fortune on the screen.

The "Verse" or the poem

The lot poem in 4 lines of 7 characters or 28 Chinese characters. It is very difficult to translate a Chinese poem into another language, so the translation is usually different from one translator to another.

诗曰:shī yuē

The poem says:

At the time the world began, all things were preordained.
A favorable day brings each fruit ripeness.
This is not uncommon that such a happy lot is drawn.
By loyal and upright, the king will proclaim.

The "Story"

There is one or up to three stories related to each lot. Those stories are well known by the Chinese scholars. They help to the interpretation of the poem.

Gǔrén: ZhōnglÍ chéngdào
The ancients: Han Zhong Li achieved the Way (the Tao)

The "Global" mood

Here you have a global interpretation of the lot. On this website the global augur of each lot is Good, Average or Bad.

Good or bad augur

shàng (top) Good

zhōng (middle) Average

xià (down) Bad