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July 12, 2024

Your Lot number is: 14


诗曰 [ 詩曰 ] The poem into Chinese

宛如仙鹤出凡笼 脱得凡笼路路通
南北东西无阻隔 任君直上九霄宫

The global interpretation for this lot


1. Translation from the ancient Chinese text

The fairy crane escapes from its cage so you can fly wherever you will. No corner of heaven is barred on your flight. Even to paradise or as far as you please.

2. The Meaning

In this scene, a fairy crane escapes from its cage so all things will turn out to be lucky. Everything is laid out for you and you may choose as you please. There is no danger. You should relax, take your time and never grumble. Your home is insecure so it is hard to settle down. To protect yourself, you should pray to god. Time is promising for business. Your wife will give birth to a baby son. In the autumn you may expect profits from farming and silk industry, but your domestic animals will suffer injury. An expected visitor will soon appear. Travelers will be delayed. Things lost can be found in the southeast. In lawsuits, better look for a peaceful compromise. Migration is highly recommended. If someone falls ill, the only remedy is to set up an altar to drive away the devils. No harm will come to your ancestral graves.