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February 28, 2020

Lot number: 13

诗曰 [ 詩曰 ] The poem into Chinese

自小生在富贵家 眼前万物总奢华
蒙君赐紫金腰带 四海声名定可夸

The global interpretation for this lot is:


1. Translation from the Chinese ancient text

You were born to a noble family; your future will be pomp and ease. The king will grant you a golden mantle. Your fame, your glory will never subside.

2. The Meaning

All paths lead to the golden gate. Everything is in motion but turns out to your benefit. Prisoners will be pardoned and the sick cured. Once you reach the golden gate, your fame will spread over the royal capital and will never be forgotten. Pray for your own and your family’s safety. Wealth cannot be acquired till autumn or winter and business deals will be better then. Your marriage will be successful and a girl will be born. Farming, raising deluxe will be fairly good. Pray for a safe journey for travelers. The missing man will be found and things lost found in the east. Law cases will go in your favor. Migration or moving your home is not advisable. The sick will be cured after treatment and the ancestral graves will be blessed.

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