Yin Guang’s Foreword of the Guanyin Spiritual Response

Guanyin Spiritual Response Information

Patriarch Yin Guang’s Foreword

The benevolence that Guanyin Bodhisattva harbors for all sentient beings is indescribably great. Not even Heaven and Earth's parental love for all beings can match even a fraction of the Bodhisattva's limitless benevolence.

To those with scant or unripe roots of virtue, the Bodhisattva will help them accrue merits and amass causes for future enlightenment. To those who can achieve liberation in their present life, the Bodhisattva will manifest and speak Dharma to them. Like the radiant sun illuminating the skies and all under it, sentient beings of myriads of different inclinations, forms, fortunes, and faiths all receive the bounty of the Bodhisattva's eternal spring. Whenever sentient beings yearn, the Bodhisattva responds. The Bodhisattva has no intentions of his own ; his heart is at one with that of all sentient beings. Even if the entire Dharma Realm were to yearn for help, the entire Dharma Realm will receive it.

The Bodhisattva, responding to the wishes of the people, gifted the Guanyin Spiritual Response Oracle to the world. This wonderful Dharma-door simultaneously acts as a popular method of divination and to accrue merits ; just like if a child refuses good medicine, the parents will naturally mix it with sweets to make it more palatable.

Moreover, Guanyin Bodhisattva's name is like the legendary Hangonko incense. Anyone who simply perceives it in anyway will not only have their pending evil karma eradicated but will also have their merits manifest instantly. Besides, those who promote this text are benefiting both themselves and the public. Thus, Upasaka Xu Ji Yu and his wife deserve special mention, for they have printed thousands of copies of this text to create causes for future enlightenment among the public. They have turned the Dharma Wheel and carried out the will of the Bodhisattva.

Translator's Notes.

In the Buddha's Diamond Sutra, a famous gatha goes: “The Buddhas have no fixed Dharmas to speak ; all Dharma is Buddhadharma” Hence, this is why the Buddha spoke 84,000 (innumerable) Dharma-doors for the benefit of all sentient beings. As, each sentient being has unique inclinations, goals, desires and habits, the Buddha speaks Dharma in accordance with these differing habits and wishes. Thus, the Guanyin Oracle is the Buddha's Dharma-door for those interested in divination.