Kuan Yin 33 Manifestations List.

Kuan Yin - Guanyin Bodhisattva - 33 Manifestations

23. Guanyin Vaidurya

Nāmó liúlí guānyīn

Homage to Guanyin Vaidurya

Listen to this Guan Yin Homage in Chinese

"If there are those that can be liberated by Isvaradeva, the Bodhisattva will appear in this form to teach them the dharma."

Who appears as 自在天身 ( zìzài tiān shēn ) Isvaradeva.

Isvaradeva is lord of the Paranirmita-Vashavartin heaven, the highest heaven in the realm of desire where he is considered the supreme deity.

This form is the same as Gandharaja Avalokitesvara of the Garbhakosa. Also known as 高王观音 ( gāo wáng guānyīn ) High King Guanyin.

She is standing on a lotus petal floating on the water. In his hands is an incense burner made of coloured glaze.

This form is venerated for its ability to protect sentient beings from many types of untimely death.