Kuan Yin 33 Manifestations List.

Kuan Yin - Guanyin Bodhisattva - 33 Manifestations

22. Guanyin of Leaves Cloaked

Nāmó yè yī guānyīn

Homage to Guanyin of Leaves Cloaked

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"If there are those that can be liberated by Shakira, the Bodhisattva will appear in this form to teach them the dharma."

Who appears as 帝释天身 ( edì shì tiān shēn ) Shakra, king of the Tavatimsa Heaven, which is on the peak of mount Sumeru.

This form is the same as Parnashabari Avalokitesvara of the Garbhakosa.

She is sitting in the lotus posture on a rock with both hands folded in front.

This form is venerated for its ability to protect sentient beings from various diseases, lengthening life and also to protect households.