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(mah Jongg, Majhong, Majong Majiang, Májiàng, Mahjongg, Mah-jong, Majhong, Maijong, Titans)

Mahjong Slidon Solitaire

Japanese are known for creating unusual games like Mahjong Slide (Slidon) with fun factor 10 out of 10. This slider is divided into stages with a challenge to complete each stage in a limited number of moves and has limited numbers of undo/delete options. Level difficulty is in ascending order, starting of as a simple puzzle with few tiles and ending up as a complex puzzle with screen full of tiles. The object is to eliminate all symbols by sliding them in a desired direction so they create a combination with one or more identical neighboring pieces. Once all of them are cleared you can advance to the next stage. To see the covered symbols just hover with the mouse pointer and see the picture shown on the right side of the gaming screen.