Golden Dragon Tarot
Chinese Tarot Deck Review

Golden Dragon Chinese Tarot Deck Review - 1994 Edition

Hello everyone, welcome back to Soul's Journey.

And yes, today I have another walk through. And I have to tell you, I was a little bit ambivalent about doing this one at all, because this deck is, in fact, out of print. And I'm not even sure what I was looking for something on the internet a few weeks ago and ran across images from this deck and had never seen it before. And so, of course, I went on a search for it and discovered, to my dismay, that it is, in fact, out of print. Well, that didn't discourage me entirely, as these things don't, because almost everything is out there on the secondary market. So, I thought maybe I could score a copy on eBay or something. But no, there were no copies to be had on eBay. So, where in the hell did I get this, you're asking? Glad you asked. I found it on a website in the Netherlands.

Yeah, not my first choice. But the deck was going for a decent price. It was only about twenty-four dollars. However, the shipping costs were just about the same. It was like almost $25 for shipping. Obviously, I bid on it anyway. So, what we have here is an AG Mueller deck. This is, in fact, the English edition. If it will focus here today, it's focusing on the background. There we go, kind of sort.

Okay, Golden Dragon Tarot. This is from, oops, if in focus, 1994. So, hence the difficulty locating it. I think it had been sold through US Games, although there are no US Games markings on it. So, it came like this with no shrink-wrap on the outer box. And the box is a little bit beat up, as, you know, you could kind of expect it from almost what, thirty years ago, closing in on. So, at first, I thought, Oh, it was a used copy, and I didn't realize it. But I don't think so because I opened it. And as you can see, I've gone no further. It's got these two wide bands of plastic around two packs, or two separate sections of cards.

So, let's have a look at this together. This will be my first look at the entire deck. That just peeled right off. It's that really old, stiff cellophane. And there is a book in the box, instructions by Jean-Louis Victor. There is, as there's no indication on the outside of the box, and I haven't obviously looked at the book yet, really thin paper. Who the artist was, if I can find that in here, I will mention it.


The art was so beautiful.

Yeah, it doesn't look like it. That's really weird. So I will, I'll take another look at that before the end of the video and tack it on or something. So we've got some very different...that the art was so beautiful. I thought, 'Oh my God, I have to have this.' Um, here's the backs of the cards. So, not reversible, and I know some people find decks with backs like that completely unusable, which I will never understand. But it's very different from traditional Tarot, but definitely the water element here. I actually thought about holding off on doing this video until Asian American Heritage Month, but that's not till May. I couldn't wait that long.

The Illuminated Pagoda - The Labyrinth - The Master of Wisdom.

The Illuminated Pagoda. Let's take a look at the meaning for this card. The Labyrinth Sex, which is normally the Lovers. The art of recognizing the correct way. That's interesting because the old Lovers, the Lovers card in like the old Marseille decks were about making a choice. It was, it had nothing to do with romantic love, really. So, general meaning of the card, see if it focuses. I think it's focused. Mistrust outward appearances. The simple solution is not always the best observation, calmness, sincerity in order to manage the situation. A decision has to be made. In this card heralds the coming test. Do not confront the obstacles head-on, instead try and resolve conflict through cool thinking, free from any excessive emotion. Do not shy away from the difficulties. Analyze the elements patiently, attentively, and thoroughly, because detached examination will unlock the key to the problem. It's very Vulcan. So, this is from 1994, before all the Tarot decks became about romantic love. The Chariot still holds the meaning of victory. This is really interesting. It's like a little time capsule here. Justice is eight, which is interesting. That's like the old Marseille style. The Master of Wisdom instead of the Hermit.

The Dragon.

Hello guys, thank you. And just here I'm saying: listen, weeded, huh, destiny? This art is just beautiful. The Dragon for the Strength card. Let's see what they say about that. Gosh, this book, the paper is like super thin. It's just, but so I'm just, I'm treating it very gently, very delicately, so I don't bend it. The Dragon, or imminent strengths, imminent in the sense of internal. General meaning of the card, the end of the test, successfully overcoming an awkward situation, disastrous event. Fire-breathing Dragon offers two different types of support. You can decide in favor of a quick solution to the problem or can find the necessary strength to deal more effectively with reality. Do not be frightened of making a mistake. Such a false move will merely lead you to stumble, but you will not fall. Trials make the strong even stronger. This is very interesting. I'm liking this very much.

Hangman - Balance - Moon – Thunderstorm - Destruction of the Temple - Star.

Hangman. I assume this was a form of punishment in old China. Well, you know, we have stocks and stockades and death. Interesting. Death card. Got like a cocoon here. Like a mulberry cup cocoon, silkworms, the hourglass. It's fascinating. Balance for Temperance. This is so beautiful. The Thunderstorm for the Devil. How interesting. Destruction of the Temple of the Tower. This is the image that's on the front of the box. The Star. It's so beautiful. Just love this art. Oh, look at this Moon card. Wow, how gorgeous is that? Okay.

The Dao.

I have to see what they say about the moon, yeah. My incense is falling all over everything. The moon, attractive but dubious influence. General meaning of the card: slow development. Yes, do not mistake illusion for truth. Positive occult help. The good will which enlivens the questioner is provided by the cosmic energy which the card secretly represents. Wait for favorable cycles before acting. If the seed is healthy, then germination is certain as long as the right cycle has been chosen. Interesting. And unfortunately, I don't think it gives any key for what the, I guess, the Chinese character up here is. Probably just the title of the card, I'm guessing. Oh, that's gorgeous. The Dao clinging to a little bit of rock hanging out over the ocean. Okay, we've got to see what that one says. A different possible reality. The unexpected come true. The correct solution is probably in contradiction to the conventional solution. Spiritual enlightenment. This card makes us aware that our life on Earth is transient. Counsels’ wisdom which, through the changes in life, should be acquired by every human being and creates a dawning of consciousness. Advice to reflect more on the meaning of life. I like that a lot. No monkey, that's interesting in the world. Can we read that one real quick? Appearances are deceptive. Only put trust in evidence. Unexpected obstacle before the finishing line. Eradicate the ego from its foundation. This card makes the seeker face a final test: the struggle between the ideal and the desires of the ego, which are always harmful. If you are truly alert, strictly observing yourself and facing matters clearly, you can negotiate this obstacle in the situation you want to control. Beware of solutions which are too easy or of simple compromises and of negative answers. Okay, so this is not actually the equivalent of the world. This is like an extra card. Because now we have the harvest. Looking ahead in the book a little bit, the harvest is the highest level of awareness. General meaning of card: completion, success, realization of the highest aims. Be joyful about this card. Work has been rewarded and the results will surpass all expectations. Absolute success is the crowning glory of the work completed. Carried out with intelligence, expertise, and magnanimity. This card is truly total success. The awareness of the harmony of the world achieved through the non-action of the Dao brings knowledge and power.

Okay, I won't read every single one because I will be here all day. Yes, the coins' meanings seem to be very rooted in the Dao, yet still cognate with typical Tarot meanings. The artwork is so wonderfully unusual, and you know, for a Tarot deck, it's just beautiful.

Ten of Coins.

And believe Dragons are good luck in Chinese mythology, so Dragon on the Ten of Coins here would be a good thing. Okay, we've got a little something-something going on there.

Knight, Queen, and the King.

Knight, Queen, and the King. That's an unusual depiction. Use of wands looks like this guy's falling in the water and the others are trying to fish him out. At least I hope that's what happened. They're not poking him down.

The second pack.

Open the second pack, yeah? Somehow... Oopsie, hold on. Okay, looks like he's in some kind of a temple. These look like Dragons, either carved out of stone or looking appealing for help or something. Maybe say Ten of Wands. Security. Contrary to all appearances, the result is finally achieved. Important changes are heralded. This card gives the strength and energy which are absolutely vital for dealing with the situation.

That's very different. All tens are completion, so okay. Rails, gorgeous. Wow, some cups. Two cups waving to this person up here. Ah, this is gonna take some getting used to, but this art's amazing. It's absolutely beautiful. Okay, I gotta check on that one real quick. Strong balanced emotions, development of instinct, intuition, and wisdom. That's weird. So, masters like the knight or the page, rather than... We have the knight, queen of cups. Hm, an unusual depiction.

King - Queen of Swords.

King. Oh, beautiful. Wow, interesting. Looks like ghosts, like ghost riders or something. I guess it's supposed to be night. Thank you, slew the dragon. Hard to see what's going on here. Dragon head up here. I'm not quite sure about the rest of it. Queen of swords and I'm the King of swords.

Trademark and stuff on the back.

A couple of well-advertising cards from way back when. That's it. The cards that there are actually kind of large, larger than standard Rider-Waite Smith, and say that it is taller and wider. It's better this way. Interesting. Then it's got a trademark and stuff on the back of the card rather than the front. So, it's the old, not quite this. It's a little more glossy than this really old Rider-Waite Smith. This is not the one that I've had for so long. This is another one that I found on eBay, but I think it's also the same vintage. It's, yeah, it's slightly more glossy, and the cardstock is a little thinner than that old one, but a beautiful deck. I'm absolutely captivated by the images when I saw it, so you know. So, I will put the link down below if you want to explore getting one for yourself. Those of you in Europe may not have to pay such a high shipping cost. Like, yeah, it's fairly pricey to get one here to the States, but I think it was worth it. That's darn shame it's out of print. Would be awful. Deck tastes change, and people move on, and so many decks out there now. It's really incredible. So yeah, thanks for watching, and please like and subscribe, and I will hopefully be back soon with got a couple of VRS I want to do, and soon as I pull myself together anyway.

Take care and blessed be.

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