Chinese Tarot - 3 Cards Reading.

A synthesis of the Western Tarot and

the rites of the traditional Chinese civilization

This Chinese Tarot can help you internalize ancient Chinese wisdom.

This wisdom, which cannot be acquired only by intellect, appeals to intuition. It is the symbolism of the 22 major Arcana of the Chinese Tarot that will teach you this way. At first reading, the Chinese mode of "Dao" is very foreign to our mentality. But as the first surprises are over, you can walk in the way of "Dao."

Here we present a simple method to get an answer. Think strongly about the question you want to ask the Chinese Tarot. You should formulate this issue accurately. The computer then randomly draws the three cards as it would with a deck of traditional deck cards. The first card represents the past, the origin of the question. The second map represents the present. What you are currently feeling about your question and what is being prepared. The third map represents the future. Where you are going. When the three cards are drawn, try to feel what is happening.

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