Chinese Tarot Card Most Popular Spreads

1. The One card spread.

The One card spread is the simplest method.

You shuffle cards using the program that selects the card at random in the same way that if you stir the cards and cut the package.

The card that appears shows the trend, the most important elements in your current situation or in connection with your question, or another situation that could be deepened later. Look carefully at this card, it responds to your question by what it arouses in you, by the images that arise in your brain.

It is your Card of the Day!

2. The three cards spread also called the Past - Present- Future.

The computer shuffles the deck for you. There are three cards that stand out at random in the same way that when you shuffle cards and choose three at random.

The Moon is the symbol of the past, the present the Sun and the Star the future.

The first card represents the past hence is following the current situation, the problem that could be further developed.

The second card indicates the direction to which the person consulting might be headed.

The third card offers a way of solution or the result which might occur.

3. The Cross Spread - a 5 cards configuration.

The layout of the cards.

Card 1. It is the left side of the cross. This card represents the assets of the person who consults; the positive factors in connection with his question or problem.

Card 2. It is the right side of the cross. It highlights the negative factors.

Those who play against the will of the person who consults.

Card 3. It is the top of the cross.

It indicates what the problem is or the state of the question is at this moment or in a short period.

Card 4. It is the bottom of the cross. It indicates where the state of the issue for the future, or in the medium term is heading.

Card 5. This the synthesis which tells us if the issue goes to a positive or negative result. However, we must consider the entire spread to interpret the meaning of this card synthesis.

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