Chinese Tarot Card of the Day

See what your card brings you today.

One card reading is the most simple method.

Very often this single card will be sufficient to answer your question.

What you feel and the images that come to mind.

Daily Card

Card 13



The card announces the total overthrow of a situation, an opposite way of seeing things. The subject is a total reshuffle of his case or his work. It puts an end to a situation that cannot continue and start over in another direction.


Gerontology, obstetrics, watchmaking, chronometry, chronology, embryology, chronobiology and funeral companies.

Love - Relations

The card announces a radical change in circumstances. The reports are reversed. It can also announce the end of an affair or its deep transformation. The situation comes to a point of no return.


Depending on the context, the card announces death, deaths or regeneration.


The card announces an initiatory death. A profound transformation at the spiritual level. The end of illusions or biases. A renaissance on a different plane of consciousness.

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