Chinese Tarot Card of the Day

One card reading is the most simple method.

Very often this single card will be sufficient to answer your question.
See what this card brings you.
What you feel and the images that come to mind.

Card 8



The card shows that the subject thinks he has been the victim of an injustice or has been looted in his property. It brings the case before the courts.
Against: someone complains to the subject, the case goes to court. A trial disrupts the business of the subject. There may be a settlement.


Law, magistration.

Love - Relations

The card announces a conflict that cannot be resolved without the help of a third party, or even without the courts. The subject may lodge a complaint. The card may also announce a divorce.
Against: it is the romantic partner of the subject, or the spouse seeking justice.


The card announces an obligation to undergo medical tests. It can also indicate waiting for a diagnosis or medical decision. In some cases, the card announces that the subject will have to file a complaint against the doctor or the hospital in which he was treated.


Path dedicated to the defence of the oppressed, Amnesty International, the Human Rights League.

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