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One card reading is the most simple method.

Very often this single card will be sufficient to answer your question.

What you feel and the images that come to mind.

Daily Card

Card 6



The subject is faced with complex problems to solve, the steps to solve them forming a real maze. One can drown in a glass of water, not knowing how to untangle the web of challenges facing him. He needs help to get out, but he can find it.
Against: the complexity of the events is opposed to the projects.


Navy, maritime trades. Water and forests. Architecture. Guide, tactician. Professional chess.

Love - Relations

The card indicates a journey before reaching a satisfactory union. Psychological battles to establish lines of communications with the one you love. The card shows the need for a marriage counselor or therapist if concerned with an existing couple.
Against: the complications that can come from various sources (nationality, remoteness, family barriers or other) are obstacles to the union.


Venous or arterial circulation problems. Fragility of the lymphatic system. The subject is hard to heal. His vision of his problems is tangled. He doesn't know where to start.


The card indicates that the subject trying to find his way or that he's on a break.

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