Chinese Tarot Card of the Day

One card reading is the most simple method.

Very often this single card will be sufficient to answer your question.
See what this card brings you.
What you feel and the images that come to mind.

Card 5



A great idea can allow the subject to transform a business and grow, to make a scientific discovery or to undertake the creation of a work. This card helps inventors, creators, or artists.
Against: the work or the matter is trivial, dull, or lifeless. It must be given a new impetus.


Architecture, priesthood, electricity, nuclear power, lighting technology.

Love - Relations

Great happiness, romantic enlightenment, the discovery of another, a mystical union, or seventh heaven. It appears to be and encounter with a being of light. The subject will be at the same level at the other, or else will the union be platonic.


Regeneration. This card is a good sign. The topic shines. It emerges from a powerful magnetism, an extraordinary aura.


It is enlightenment or sudden awareness. The specified path leads to enlightenment. Initiations, meditations, retirement, awakening of the kundalini.

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