Chinese Tarot - Free Readings - Past, Present and Future

Chinese Tarot Golden Tarot Free Reading

About your past, your present and your future situations

The Moon represent the past, the Sun the present and the Star the future
Free Divination Reading
A modern Tarot based on old Chinese Dao De Jing and the Yijing with beautiful cards.

The three cards represent your past, present and future.

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Your Past


Card 2

Business-Money for your past:

Auspicious: the card is very favorable. It shows great potential, good foundations, large financial opportunities, opening credits. For intellectuals, it shows great knowledge, but also the possibility to become richer through intellect.
For everyone: inexhaustible ideas.
Against: the subject lacks basic information or qualifications.
Or: the subject is momentarily lacking in ideas.

Love - Relations for your past:

The card indicates that the subject has the foundations necessary for the creation of a couple. It promotes the union of a couple and the possibility of having a child. The subject or person concerned is generous, but give wisely.

Health for your past:

Bon équilibre physique et mental, les deux hémisphères cérébraux, le droit et le gauche,sont équilibrés. Excellente vitalité. Le sujet est bien nourri.
En contre : La carte annonce faiblesse et/ou stérilité.Good physical and mental balance. The two cerebral hemispheres (right and left) are balanced. Great vitality. The subject is well fed.
Against: the card announces weakness and/or sterility.

Spirituality for your past:

Great spiritual wealth. The subject knows how to take advantage of what he has learned. It may in turn pass to another.

Your Present

Card 17

Business-Money for your present:

The card is a good sign. It evokes fullness, beauty, or fertility. It indicates that the business of the subject is prosperous, without a sign of stopping. It announces a fullness, either intellectual or artistic. The subject can feel satisfied with the result of his work, or the goods and works he has accumulated.

Love - Relations for your present:

The map shows that the subject is ripe for a union. He is still single but won't be for long. He knows who his ideal partner is.

Health for your present:

The card indicates physical wholeness, harmony, beauty and youth for the subject.

Spirituality for your present:

The specified path can be contemplative and mystical: astrology and clairvoyance.

Your Future

Card 19

Business-Money for your future:

The card announces a brilliant accomplishment or success. The subject's businesses are radiant. His work is known and appreciated. The subject may achieve fame. The card can also indicate a professional association, or even announce a connection to his love life. The subject could work with his love partner.

Love - Relations for your future:

This card announces a union or a marriage. It is the best card in the game for romantic happiness. It indicates a perfect union, successful on all levels: physical, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual.

Health: for your future:

The card announces vibrant health, a perfect balance. The subject, or the person concerned, radiates and gives off an intense magnetism.

Spirituality for your future:

The subject is near fullness. It is the union of the individual soul with the cosmic consciousness. It's enlightenment, samadhi.

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