The Golden Dragon Tarot and the Cross Spread Reading

The Cross Draw is a very popular classic.

The Golden Dragon Tarot Cross Draw layout of the cards.

Card 1. It is the left side of the Cross.
This card represents the assets of the person who consults.
The positive factors in relation to your question or problem.

Card 2. It is the right side of the cross.
It highlights the negative factors.
Those who play against the will of the person who consults.

Card 3. It is the top of the cross.
It indicates what the problem is or the state of the question is at this moment or in a short period.

Card 4. It is the bottom of the cross.
It indicates where the state of the issue for the future, or in the medium term is heading.

Card 5. This the synthesis which tells us if the issue goes to a positive or negative result.
However, we must consider the entire spread to interpret the meaning of this card synthesis.

Chinese Tarot Card  

3. The Situation


Chinese Tarot Card  

1. The Pros

Chinese Tarot Card  

The Synthesis

Chinese Tarot Card  

2. The Obstacles


4. The Evolution

1. Your Pros

Card 6

The subject is faced with complex problems to solve, the steps to solve them forming a real maze. One can drown in a glass of water, not knowing how to untangle the web of challenges facing him. He needs help to get out, but he can find it.
Against: the complexity of the events is opposed to the projects.

2. Your Obstacles

Card 5

A great idea can allow the subject to transform a business and grow, to make a scientific discovery or to undertake the creation of a work. This card helps inventors, creators, or artists.
Against: the work or the matter is trivial, dull, or lifeless. It must be given a new impetus.

3. Your Situation

Card 21

The card shows that the subject is as smart as a monkey. He is brave, curious about everything, persistent, inventive, insightful, or even great, just like the hero of this story. Certainly, he is a little “did you see me” and likely to annoy his interlocutors. Whatever he is, the card announces that the subject will overcome all the obstacles, of which there will be many, and reach the goal he set for himself.

4. Your Evolution

Card 12

The card indicates a problem. The subject feels helpless in front of his problems. He has his hands tied by lack of money or ideas, or because of adverse circumstances. He is no longer his own master. He could also be the victim of a justified accusation. He may lose his place. Relatives are suffering from the backlash.

Your Synthesis

Card 4

The card indicates that the subject has built his profession on a solid and stable basis that he knows to manage and administer. He is the authority in his profession and encourages respect. It announces a high function access.
Auspicious: it can also indicate the support of important figures, like politicians.
Against: One rebels against authority. Administrative issues, disorder, mismanagement.

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