Your Kannon Fortune for Today is Sign number: 22

Your Kannon Fortune for Today!
Plus the 100 Kannon Signs Interpretation.

Your Kannon Oracle for Today

Your Sign For Today.

December 7, 2023

Sign number: 22


The poem into Chinese.


The global interpretation for this sign.


Translation from the ancient Japanese text.

The trouble upon you will change to the better gradually, just like clouds go vanishing off.
The moon will come out, shining brightly the whole sky will clear up.
When spring comes trees and grasses, flowers full bloom, the scene change better like this.
So do many fortunes come to you quickly, bringing you the greatest happiness, like a bamboo getting green and brighter after the rainfall.

The Celestial Meanings present the interpretation for your wishes and important aspects of your life.

*Your request will be granted later.
*The patient will get well later.
*The lost article will be found later.
*The person you wait for will come soon.
*Building a new house and removal are both good.
*Marriage, employment and travelling are all fine.