Your Guanyin Oracle Selected Lot Number is 86

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Your Lot number is: 86

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诗曰 [ 詩曰 ] The poem into Chinese

春来花发映阳台 万里车来进宝财
若得禹门三级浪 恰如平地一声雷

The global interpretation for this lot


1. Translation from the ancient Chinese text

Spring flowers glow with brightness on your balcony. The chariots come, bring loads of treasure. How swift a rise is yours to the highest? A clap of thunder brings the world to heel. To receive an appointment from the emperor is like a beggar suddenly made a millionaire. As this special lot is a matchless offer. You shall obtain all you want with none to share.

2. The Meaning

The scene describes a person going to court for an audience with the emperor. Everything is auspicious and works out for the best. This lot is indeed the best of all. In a few words, you may have whatever you wish and everything points to blessing and good fortune.

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