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诗曰 [ 詩曰 ] The poem into Chinese

因名丧德如何事 切恐吉中变化凶
酒醉不知何处去 青松影里梦朦胧

The global interpretation for this lot


1. Translation from the ancient Chinese text

Virtues spoiled by evil deeds. The depraved and the evil must repay so high a price. The drunkard, drowned in wine knows nowhere to go. All at a loss, he is so pitiful. Like a chilly fish isolated from water. A situation for people to gossip and murmur. If you want my advice, make no move to avoid being caught.

2. The Meaning

This depicts the scene of a chilly fish isolated from water; such a miserable situation indicates that one should remain calm and take no immediate action in times of woe. Everything is unfavorable and pregnancy may bring disaster. In a word, take precautions against misfortune.

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