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June 22, 2024

Your Lot number is: 6

The Slip of your selected lot

诗曰 [ 詩曰 ] The poem into Chinese

投身岩下 鸟居 须是还他大丈夫 
及早营谋谁可得 通行天地此人无 

The global interpretation for this lot


1. Translation from the ancient Chinese text

Make your home in the cave and the birds as your companions. Be content with yourself and be jealous of none. Each man can stand by himself and make his own living. None is so lucky as to travel over the world.

2. The Meaning

This scene shows a man having only birds for company. You must lead your life in accord with your lot. Food will be scanty, so you must learn to be content and lead a simple life. Be patient and enjoy what you have. Let others pursue wealth and power. Prospects are unfavorable for domestic matters and for money making. Marriage is possible and pregnancy will be safe. Farming and silk manufacture should start early and you may suffer losses of some cattle. A visitor will come soon and the missing man will reappear. Things lost will be found. Patients need immediate treatment but there will be no harm to ancestral graves.

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