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诗曰 [ 詩曰 ] The poem into Chinese

失意番成得意时 龙吟虎啸两相宜
青天自有通霄路 许我功名再有期

The global interpretation for this lot


1. Translation from the ancient Chinese text

Man, disappointed, turns complacent and self-satisfied. Like the laughter of a tiger, like a triumph of a dragon. From earth I see a milky way in the sky. Rank and honor are clearly in your sight. Do whatever you have been instructed. Go ahead and don’t harbor any disbelieve. For the road to success is prepared for you. No troubles, no obstacles, all the way is clear.

2. The Meaning

As a tiger roars and a dragon exalts in triumph, so everything longer for will be achieved. Both of you and your family lack safety. Riches do not lie ahead nor tare trading transactions smooth and easy. Marriage is promising but you must pray for your wife’s pregnancy. The expected guest will arrive soon. You will reap only a half of your silk and cereal crop and your livestock will meet with harm. This missing will return and lawsuits will be settled peacefully. Things lost will be found and the sick will recover. Good luck will befall upon the ancestral graves.

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