Guan Yin Oracle 100 lots for your Past Present and Future

Guanyin - Kuan Yin Oracle Past Present Future!

Your Past Present Future Guan Yin Oracle's Lot

The three lots in this reading represent
your past, present and future situations.
Scroll down to learn the influence of each Lot.

The Guanyin Lot for Your Past

Your Lot number is: 42

The Slip for your past

The global interpretation for your past lot is:


1. Translation from the ancient Chinese text for your past

From kings and queens is blessing received. All honors saved and no faults laid. So you are blessed with Heavens’ grace and favor. While still on earth, you seem to repose in paradise.

2. The Meaning for your past

This lot describes a man who is privileged to receive gifts and favors from heaven. It is of course an omen of good luck and achievement. Never forget such a favor from heaven and remember your obligation to god. So, to show your gratitude towards the almighty, you should offer incense day and night. Your family will be safe, but you can be sure of your own only in winter. Business deals are promising but you may not become rich. Matchmaking will reach final agreement and pregnancy will run its full course. Harmful insects like worms and hairy caterpillar will prey on your paddy fields. Livestock will not be hurt and will bring you profit. The expected visitor is on the way and the missing will be found. All attempts to find lost items will be in vain. Lawsuits will be favorable. Do not contemplate migration. The sick will be cured. No harm comes to ancestral graves.

The Guanyin Lot for Your Present

Your Lot number is: 16

The Slip for your present

The global interpretation for your present lot is:


1. Translation from the ancient Chinese text for your present

Don’t wear a mournful face with drooping eyes. Put aside all cares and think of joy. A piece of jade is found in a heap of dung. The craftsman cleans the jade and it gleams as new.

2. The Meaning for your present

This lot depicts the phenomenon of harmony of yin and yang. (Note: In the Chinese Book of Changes, the character ‘yin’ means the female principle, also means ‘moon’, ‘shade’ and ‘negative’ and the character ‘yang’ means the male principle, also means ‘sun’, ‘light’ and ‘positive’. When the two principles are in harmony, as in this lot, your plans will work out successfully.) What you have gained will not be lost and for what you have lost will be compensated. A villain will experience misfortune as punishment but the virtuous man will be rewarded with good luck. It is an unfavorable year for the safety of your home but you yourself will not be harmed only during the autumn and winter. Money matters will work out successfully so will matrimony. An expectant mother will have a shock. You must pray for your deluxe but nothing will go wrong with your domestic animals. Tie visitor will arrive in time and the missing will be found. You will find no clues as to the whereabouts of the things lost. You are advised not to go to law not to migrate. The sick needs prayers to god. No harm will come to the ancestral graves.

The Guanyin Lot for Your Future

Your Lot number is: 12

The Slip for your future

The global interpretation for your future lot is:


1. Translation from the ancient Chinese text for your future

Between good and evil, the span is short. When misfortune is past, good luck will be yours. Befriend a gentleman that lives by the mountain. For you, he has good news to relieve your concern.

2. The Meaning for your future

Good fortune will follow misfortune. Go ahead with your business and things will turn out well. Instead of hemp, you will receive still to adorn your legs. Blessings will come after disaster, as your destiny has already been determined. Your household will be sage and you will be in luck. Business will improve late in the year and wealth will be acquired. You will have a successful marriage and a baby boy. The silk industry and husbandry will be profitable but caution is necessary in dealing with domestic animals. Travelers are unlikely to return but you will receive messages from a missing man. Things list will be found. Lawsuits will go in your favor but migration is not advised. Illness will not be cured until autumn. Your ancestral graves will be blessed.