Guan Yin Past Present Future

Guanyin Past Present Future!

Your Past Present Future Guan Yin Oracle

The three lots in this reading represent
your past, present and future situations.

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Lot number: 99

Your Past

The global interpretation for this lot is:


1. Translation from the Chinese ancient text

The rider who whips his horse but draws no rein will exhaust all the strength he has. This is like a house being set on fire. The summer rain will reduce it to bricks and clay. Working hard the whole life long, he cares not for right or wrong. Shackles and fetters fall upon him suddenly thus he is driven to a miserable fate.

2. The Meaning

This scene describes a situation which is neither good nor bad. The best advice is to resort to kind deeds which may help to improve conditions for all concerned. Your family has risks. You must pray to god and take care of yourself. There are too many obstacles in the way of doing business and you will end up losing money. Marriage is not successful as both parties do not give way. Pregnancy may endanger life. Crops of grain and silk are poor and you will lose in livestock. Travelers will encounter hardship. In searching for the missing, you may become involve in crime. Things lost will not be found. Lawsuits will go against you. A change of residence is not recommended. The ailing suffers a lingering disease and is in danger. Ancestors’ graves are decaying and in danger of collapse.

Lot number: 28

Your Present

The global interpretation for this lot is:


1. Translation from the Chinese ancient text

The moon rises in the east so full of grace and beauty. Concealed from sight but still in place. Sometimes rising, sometimes full, it runs its course. Gossips are still gossips, not a word of truth they say.

2. The Meaning

The moon is overshadowed by clouds so all things seem obscure, dun and unsettled. The cloud that covers the moon is only fleeting so don’t worry or draw back. It will soon pass. Once the clouds disperse, all things will be clear and forward to move. Worry reigns at home but you can pray for your personal safety. Business transactions look promising but obstacles are on the way. Marriage arrangements cannot succeed and pregnancy will incur risk. It is a bad year for farming and silk industry. Travelers will meet with hardship and the missing will not be found. Lost things can be found in the west. Lawsuits are unfavorable. Migration or moving house is not advised. The sick cannot recover and for the safety sake, rearrange your ancestral graves.

Lot number: 89

Your Future

The global interpretation for this lot is:


1. Translation from the Chinese ancient text

Your plans, your schemes so smoothly carried out. Like jade of rarest kind concealed in stone. A man of wealth and power will offer you his aid. The treasure and jewels are yours to keep. As jade is hidden in a stone, wealth and fortune gradually grow. A notable patron will lead the way for you. You are happy and have no more to day.

2. The Meaning

Just as the scene describes jewels hidden under a stone so you should be satisfied with the fortune in store for you. Your family will be safe and you will enjoy good health. Business enterprise grows smoothly and your dreams of becoming rich will be realized. Matrimony will be successful and a boy will be born. Farming and the silk industry will bring a big profit. Livestock will prosper with hard work. The visitor you are expecting has started on his journey and the missing will be found sooner or later. Things lost will reappear. You will be successful in lawsuits. Residential change is recommended. The sick will be cured; your ancestral graves will have their peace undisturbed.

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