Guan Yin Oracle 100 lots for your Past Present and Future

Guanyin - Kuan Yin Oracle Past Present Future!

Your Past Present Future Guan Yin Oracle's Lot

The three lots in this reading represent
your past, present and future situations.
Scroll down to learn the influence of each Lot.

The Guanyin Lot for Your Past

Your Lot number is: 84

The Slip for your past

The global interpretation for your past lot is:


1. Translation from the ancient Chinese text for your past

Virtues spoiled by evil deeds. The depraved and the evil must repay so high a price. The drunkard, drowned in wine knows nowhere to go. All at a loss, he is so pitiful. Like a chilly fish isolated from water. A situation for people to gossip and murmur. If you want my advice, make no move to avoid being caught.

2. The Meaning for your past

This depicts the scene of a chilly fish isolated from water; such a miserable situation indicates that one should remain calm and take no immediate action in times of woe. Everything is unfavorable and pregnancy may bring disaster. In a word, take precautions against misfortune.

The Guanyin Lot for Your Present

Your Lot number is: 71

The Slip for your present

The global interpretation for your present lot is:


1. Translation from the ancient Chinese text for your present

When an old maid is married to two husbands, most likely the match won’t succeed. For how could a bow hold two arrows? A dragon with a unicorn will always quarrel. It is all in the hands of god. No matter how desperate the battles go. So stretch out your arms and draw the bow. The arrow will shoot upward in one move.

2. The Meaning for your present

In this scene, a single bow is fitted with two arrows, so disagreement is inevitable. The solution lies in rearranging the misguided match. Your family is in a very unsafe situation and you yourself is linked up with scandal. Attempts to gain wealth are in vain and business deals bring you losses. Reunion after a broken marriage is recommended. Pregnancy may first be unsuccessful but not later. A child will be born to you. Farming and silkworm crops will prosper late. You will lose on livestock. Travelers will be delayed but the missing will be found. Lawsuits go against you. For recovery, the sick has no alternative but to pray. To ensure safety for your ancestral graves you must have them converted.

The Guanyin Lot for Your Future

Your Lot number is: 24

The Slip for your future

The global interpretation for your future lot is:


1. Translation from the ancient Chinese text for your future

Your home is broken up by disputes without a cause. Like withered blossoms drifting on a bottomless ocean. Grace will hardly aid an idiot or a fool. A heap of troubles is all the remains.

2. The Meaning for your future

In the scene, a fool is trapped and can find no way out. In such a situation, you can do nothing but put up with your difficulties. Tolerance can work miracles. Breathe no gossip and spread no scandal; look after everything carefully. Be as hardworking, honest and friendly as you can. In this way, you may keep yourself out of disaster. Both of you and your family will be in danger. Business cannot be done nor money earned. Prospects for matrimony are not promising, so parties concerned have to wait. Pregnancy is only possible through prayer. Grains, silkworms and domestic animals will all encounter diseases or plague or be injured in other ways. Visitors will be delayed and missing cannot be found. Things lost are very difficult to find. You will lose in lawsuits. It is a good year for migration. The sick person is in danger, so quickly pray for god’s mercy. Misfortune will affect your ancestral graves.