Guan Yin Past Present Future

Guanyin Past Present Future!

Your Past Present Future Guan Yin Oracle

The three lots in this reading represent
your past, present and future situations.

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Lot number: 65

Your Past

The global interpretation for this lot is:


1. Translation from the Chinese ancient text

Be not content with the present joy. Thins as they stand are neither bad nor good. To cut the flesh to patch your wound, what foolishness. Your wisest course is to make no change. A man of prudence knows when and where to stop. He will take measures both to retreat and to proceed. Cutting a piece of flesh to patch the wound. Relieves no pain but brings himself to ruin.

2. The Meaning

In this scene, a foolish man cuts his own flesh to patch his wound. As a result, he only inflicts more pain upon himself. Your family is not safe. Beware of your tongue because any verbal indiscretion may involve you in endless trouble. Money making is not promising and your business will be ruined by rascals and villains. Marriage will not last long. The pregnant will have pain and danger when giving birth. Travelers will be delayed and attempts to find the missing will bring trouble. You will lose money at farming and rearing silkworms and livestock. In lawsuits you will lose. Moving will gain you nothing so stay in your original place. To look for things lost, you will encounter difficulties. Sickness cannot be completely cured.

Lot number: 50

Your Present

The global interpretation for this lot is:


1. Translation from the Chinese ancient text

Born on a voyage on the boundless ocean. Sails hoisted high begin to billow and strain. With winds behind to push the ship along. Great chests of jewels and treasure will be yours.

2. The Meaning

This lot describes a ship sailing in a favorable wind. It signifies that everything will turn out to be favorable. You lead a life of ease and comfort. Rewards will come to you without much effort. As such a large fortune is entirely yours. People gossip and envy will be aroused. Both of you and your family will enjoy safety and peace. Business is better done in the later part of the year and you should look for wealth and fortune in the west. Match-making cannot be finalized but pregnancy will be safe. Autumn is the season most favorable for silk and grain crops while livestock prospers in the spring. Travelers will run into difficulties but the missing will be found. Lost things can be traced and found in the west. Lawsuits will go against you and migration is not recommended. Sickness will be cured. Fortune dwells in the southern part of your ancestral graves.

Lot number: 43

Your Future

The global interpretation for this lot is:


1. Translation from the Chinese ancient text

Heaven and earth will work and change in concord. For every creature, survival, growth and blessings. In nature and in human life, there is beauty and wonder. Such rewards of peace only saints and sages will bestow.

2. The Meaning

This lot describes the phenomenon of heaven and earth working in harmony. Everything is favorable and there is no threat of danger. What you have done or plan to do will be blessed with good luck and fortune. Godís blessing and human virtue will give you your deserved reward and bring you success. Peace and comfort will come to you and your family. Trade transactions will be profitable and you will make much money. Marriage will be successful and a son will be born. It will not be a very good year for farming or raising silkworm and cattle. Travelers may meet hazards on their journey but the missing will be traced and found. Lost things can be found in the east and the west. Lawsuits will be in your favor. Traveling is recommended. For the sick, you must conduct a special ceremony to drive away plague or pestilence. Blessings to your ancestral graves can only be received in an easterly or westerly direction.

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