Kuan Yin 33 Manifestations List.

Kuan Yin - Guanyin Bodhisattva - 33 Manifestations

3. Guanyin who holds the Sutra

Nāmó chí jīng guānyīn

Homage to Guanyin who holds the Sutra

Listen to this Guan Yin Homage in Chinese

"If there are those that can be liberated by a Sravaka, the Bodhisattva will appear in this form to teach them the dharma."

Who appears as 声闻身 ( shēngwén shēn ) a Sravaka ( a personal disciple of the Buddha ).

This form is seated on a rock with a scroll in the right hand.

A Sravaka is an enlightened disciple of the Buddha.

As Sravakas attain enlightenment through listening to the dharma, the sutra is used as a symbol of teaching.