Kuan Yin 33 Manifestations List.

Kuan Yin - Guanyin Bodhisattva - 33 Manifestations

11. Guanyin as Virtuous King

Nāmó dé wáng guānyīn

Homage to Guanyin as Virtuous King

Listen to this Guan Yin Homage in Chinese

"If there are those that can be liberated by Mahabrahma, the Bodhisattva will appear in this form to teach them the dharma."

Who appears as 梵王身 ( fànwáng shēn ) Mahabrahma (King of Heaven).

This form sits in the lotus posture on a rock, holding a branch of willow leaves in the right hand and the left hand rests below his navel.

Mahabrahma is the primal sentient being and the creator deity of the Hindu faith.

After the buddha appeared he has since become a guardian deity. He is lord of the realm of form, thus extremely exalted in virtue.

This is comparable to the virtue of Guanyin, so this form is named Virtuous King.