Kuan Yin 33 Manifestations List.

Kuan Yin - Guanyin Bodhisattva - 33 Manifestations

1. Guanyin who holds the Willow Leaf

Nāmó yángliǔ guānyīn

Homage to Guanyin who holds the Willow Leaf

Listen to this Guan Yin Homage in Chinese

"This refers to the flexibility of the Bodhisattva to adapt to the mind of sentient beings, liken to willow leaves swaying in the wind."

Otherwise known as Bhaisajyaraja Avalokitesvara 药王观音 (yàowáng guānyīn ) Guanyin the King of the Remedies, who holds a vial of the elixir in the left hand and a stalk of willow leaves in the right.

The elixir can cure all their physical and spiritual illnesses.

Devotees suffering from illnesses therefore pray especially to this manifestation, so this is also another popular form in China and South-East Asia.