Gong Hee Fot Choy Instructions

Your Gong Hee spread and its meaning

Gong Hee Fot Choy
"The Greetings of Riches"

Yi King Livre des changements

How to explore your spread and its meaning.

Begin exploring your spread and its meaning by studying the meanings associated with each card in its specific house.

After you have studied the meanings of the cards in their specific houses, it is time to look for groups of like cards. Review your cards to see if there are any touching each other to form groups. Cards may be touching top and bottom, side to side or corner to corner.

First check for groups of the same suit. If there are six cards of the same suit touching you can expect a noticeable change, seven cards an even stronger effect and if eight cards are touching a very strong impact.

Now check for more defined groups of cards, cards of the same denomination i.e. 4 Kings, 3 Sevens. If two of the same card are touching them amplify the respective definition of those two cards. If there are three cards the meanings are even stronger and if there are four, even stronger still. Additionally if there are three or four cards in a grouping they signify a particular event forthcoming in your future.

Exploring Groups of Cards

The meanings of specific groups of cards are listed below.

6 or more Hearts = Happiness
6 or more Diamonds = Success or Money
6 or more Clubs = Good Fortune
6 or more Spades = Bad Tidings
4 Aces = A big change in your life
4 Kings = Good times coming
4 Queens = Visitors come calling
4 Jacks = A relative returns
4 Tens = Luck in money
4 Nines = A new endeavor
4 Eights = Change of state or travel
4 Sevens = Contention and opposition
3 Aces = Troubles will soon pass
3 Kings = Brings good news
3 Queens = An argument with friends
3 Jacks = An old friend returns
3 Tens = Change of friends
3 Nines = Happiness
3 Eights =Change of affairs
3 Sevens = Sadness