Your Fortune Cookie!

Crack a Fortune Cookie!

There are many ways to say Fortune Cookie in Chinese:
幸运饼 xìngyùn bǐng "good luck cookie"
签语饼 qiān yǔ bǐng "label-words cookie"
幸运签饼 xìngyùn qiān bǐng "good luck label cookie"
幸运签语饼 xìngyùn qiān yǔ bǐng "lucky label-words cookie"
幸运甜饼 xìngyùn tián bǐng "good luck sweet cookie"
幸福饼干 xìngfú bǐnggān "happiness [dry] cookie"
幸运饼干 xìngyùn bǐnggān "good luck [dry] cookie"
幸运饼 xìngyùn bǐng "good luck cookie"
幸运籤语饼 xìngyùn qiān yǔ bǐng "good luck label-words cookie"
占卜饼 zhānbǔ bǐng "divine cookie".

Your Fortune Cookie:

Your Fortune Cookie:

Before you can be reborn you must die.  

Your lucky numbers are:
47 - 24 - 78 - 84 - 98 - 34

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