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   6.1 Angelina Jolie Death
   6.3 Angelina Jolie Black Dragon
   6.4 Britney Spears Strange Tattoo
   6.5 Britney Spears Strange Tattoo
   6.6 Britney Spears Strange Tattoo
   6.7 Britney Spears Strange Tattoo
  6.8 Britney Spears Little Tattoo
  6.9 Britney Spears Little Hip Bone Tattoo

Sports stars

   7.1 David Beckham latest tattoo ...
  7.2 David Beckham sexy torso tattoo
  7.3 David Beckham nude wife
  8.1 Christian Vieri tattoo 01
  8.2 Christian Vieri tattoo 02
        Video: Tattooed Soccer Players
        Video: Beckham Tattoo Tour

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Updated 12 février 2015