Chinese Tarot: Past - Present - Future

Chinese Tarot: 3 Cards Reading

The Moon represent the past, the Sun the present and the star the future
Free Divination Reading
A modern Tarot based on old Chinese Dao De Jing and the Yijing
with beautiful cards.

1. Formulate a clear question.
    If the question is complicated the response will be confused.
    In this case try to divide it into several clear questions.
2. Then click the 3 cards image below.
3. Your 3 cards and their interpretation will appear on the next page.

Card of the day


The first card is the Moon.
That is the past and often the basis of the question or the source of the problem.

The second card is the Sun.
It is the present or your current situation and the beginning of what will happen.

The third card is the Star.
It is your future or where you are going.

Look at the meaning of the 3 cards.
How do you feel? What happens in your head?