My Bamboo Oracle<br>The Confucius Sayings

My Bamboo Oracle
The Confucius Sayings

Confucius lived from 551 to 479 BC. He was born in Quyi, city of the Principality of Lu, now Qufu, in Shandong province.

Deeply rooted in Chinese culture, the bamboo traditionally symbolizes the nobility of character and inner strength.

The teaching of Confucius is carrying this spiritual power and now it is you, thanks to this Oracle of bamboos, who can take advantage of this wisdom and this force to guide your own life.

Ask a question, and you will receive a quote from Master Kong for his message.

The Oracle of bamboo brings a practical response to any situation and where to look best advice in one of the largest sources of ancient wisdom.

Ask your question and...

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Updated 29 March 2017